Aggregating Releases, Alternate Hosting

It seems some people have been complaining about mediafire not working, so I uploaded the files to an alternate host.

WCW Chapter 1 Redo

WCW Chapter 07
WCW Chapter 08
WCW Chapter 09 (fixed page 40)

WCW Chapter 10v2
WCW Chapter 11
WCW Chapter 11 Alternate (courtesy of /a/non, cleaned separately and FX removed)

Thanks to whoever submitted these chapters to manga-updates, I'm assuming that's where most of the comments/visitors have been coming from. If this is your first time, welcome, please enjoy the work that various parties have put in to bring you these releases.

 I just tried downloading from mediafire myself and it seems to be fine, but if there are any problems with the above links please let me know in the comments. I'll eventually find a better way to host these various files.


WCW 11, 10v2 SL

 Shoutouts to the typesetter and cleaner. I've looked over the finished product, and everything seems fine from a single read.

Edit: Two versions of 11, and 10v2, courtesy of the typesetter.

Please use the above link, I've taken away the non-functioning one.


WCW 11

Last chapter of the year is scripted, cleaned (thanks to an anon in the translation thread), and currently shipped off to the typesetter of chapter 10. There should be a thread in the very near future for the SL dump from which I will try to pull the link for the completed product.

The translation thread is @ the new archive, apparently.