Zerozaki - Volume 1 Additional Material, also some housekeeping

I made an order for Zerozaki and Witchcraft Works from CDJapan recently- I thought I'd share some of the postcards with you guys:

Back of card 1

Back of cards 2-6
These are compressed (and tilted upon closer inspection), I re-scanned them at a higher DPI and saved them as BMP's here

Looking at some of the links in my earlier posts, I noticed they were down. I've taken the liberty of making a mediafire folder to host both WCW and Zerozaki for the time being. I doubt I will run into bandwidth problems but I will deal with that somehow if/when it happens. 


New Series: 零崎双識の人間試験, Zerozaki Soushiki's Human Exam

Chapter 0 

I've decided to "pick this up" as I don't have quite enough motivation to fully translate one of Nishio Ishin's novels. I also haven't read the novels for this series, and I'd like to share in my first time experiencing it. Obviously it's a departure from the work I normally post here, but I think it's interesting enough that everyone should take a look at this and the first chapter that should follow shortly.

Description from PB Works:

Zerozaki Soushiki's Humanity Test/零崎双識の人間試験

Hitoshiki's older brother, master of the giant scissors, discovers a just awakened Zerozaki -- a 17 year old girl named Mutou Iori. Before he can convince her that his offer to make her his sister is not creepy and sinister, she gets mixed up in a bloody conflict with a pair of furious killers out to revenge their sister's death.

I don't have any committed parties to help with this series at the moment- if you're interested and you can clean/TS/etc. please drop me a line if possible. Regardless, I will try to seek out heads that can help bring this series to all you readers.