Zerozaki v01 Appendix Material

Mostly geared at people who haven't been exposed to the series before (me included). Corrections are welcome in the comments.

Human Exam    Past Exam Collection    Overseen by: Nishio Ishin (Original Work's Author)

1. Zerosaki Soushiki's Human Exam
    Originally there was a light novel called "The Kubikiri Romanticist", with the sub-title "Human Disqualification: Zerozaki Hitoshiki". In short, he debuted as a side character to the protagonists in that light novel as, well, the human-disqualified cutthroat murderer "Zerozaki Hitoshiki".
    Then to feature and spotlight the mysterious group "The Zerozaki Family", whose name had only briefly surfaced as information related to "Zerozaki Hitoshiki" with really no explanation at all, I started the "Human Series" as a separate, independent series with "Zerozaki's Soushiki's Human Exam".
    As of 2011, the series has already finished.
    The Human Series, in particular the "Human Exam", was written as a manga-like, even serialized manga-like light novel, so I'm very deeply moved to have this work comic-alized like this now.

2. Zerosaki Soushiki
    The original story's protagonist. A cutthroat murderer.
    Big brother.
    Eldest brother of the Zerozaki Family.
    When the title "Zerozaki Soushiki's Human Exam" was first announced, the first name ended up being read "Futashiki", not "Soushiki"- I'm sure they inferred that from the kanji "双", and also thought that he was the younger twin (双子) brother of "Zerozaki Hitoshiki", whose name was already well-known from the other series.
    He's good at cossack dancing...I remembered just now that he has that character trait. With regards to the original work, he's often referred to using words like "wireframe" and such; however, "pervert" generally covers most of that.

 3. Mutoh Iori
    The original story's heroine? The little sister heroine?
    You could also say she's yet another protagonist perhaps.
    I coined her family name Mutoh, deriving it from the expression "with no end". A girl who runs and runs with no end in sight, something like that. You could also take this as "with no kills", which falls more in line with a
cutthroat murderer "Zerozaki". //切りがない and 斬りがない, respectively.
    Not on good terms with her older brother, gets along with her older sister.
    Compared to Iori-san in the original light novel, who became the way she did conclusively, I can't really say how things will pan out developmentally for her in the manga version.

4. Mutoh Kengo
5. Mutoh Hatsubame
Iori Mutoh's older brother and sister.
    While they didn't particularly have many lines in the original short novel, and while they were killed off for no particular reason by Naguma-san, this time in the manga version they unexpectedly made their visual entrance.
    For the time being, I'll introduce the older sister's name here.

 6. Sawarabi Naguma
    The second son and third sibling of the "Sawarabi", a branch family of the Niounomiya acrobat troupe.
    A hitman by profession.
    A moody person by nature.
    An emotionally unstable halberd user.
    Because Soushiki made a pair of scissors his weapon, he thinks all enemies normally use such representative weapons. He does have an older brother and younger sister, but I'll lump the specific details about all of them together in a future "Past Exam Collection".
    In any case, I'm looking forward to what kind of route the Sawarabi siblings will follow in the manga version.

 7. Tsuge Jion
    Iori's classmate.
    He lived just a bit longer in the original short novel. Also, he passed the exam as well. But as far as his character is concerned, the manga version is definitely more likeable.

8. Zerozaki Family
    A cutthroat murderer family.
    A "family" that was formed by cutthroat murderers.
    One big happy family connected not by blood, but bloodshed.
    From an literary standpoint, it's a community that's 100% what'd you'd expect from its name. If one were to ask "What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Zerozaki Family?", I would say without a doubt it's that dreadful fact.

9. Niounomiya

Caption: A branch family of the "Niounomiya" hitmen, is it?

10. Tokinomiya
    There's not much mentioned about this community up through chapter 3, but this is the kind of world where weird people like the "Zerozaki", "Sawarabi", "Nioumiya", or "Tokinomiya" run rampant, you could say. Scary, isn't it.

Caption: Also Tokinomiya-san,  this is a good opportunity, so could I have you help me in my production as well?

11. Cutthroat Murderer
A demon who kills people.
Nothing more, nothing less.

12. Suicidal Tendencies
[Mind Rendell]
    The deadly weapon that Zerozaki Soushiki wields. It's also the origin of his nickname.
    It's an item made by a famous weapon craftsman.
    That person probably made it with care. Among the light novels the original work's author produces, there are many times he debuts stationery as weapons, including staplers and such. I mean, being an author is deskwork after all, so the things on your desk tend to catch your eye.
    Let's use stationery properly.
    In an unnatural way, that is.

13. The Human Exam
    The judgement on people that the cutthroat murderer Zerozaki Soushiki carries out.
    It's carried out without question. Even though it's a test.

Caption: Fail

Zerozaki 04 "script", experiments

Let's try this, this is more for taking out guesswork than anything else.

I'm not sure when(/if) this will get typeset, but if it's too much of a pain let me know and I'll transfer it over into a text file. I figure viewership is low enough that bandwidth won't be a problem. I don't think you can view the comments when the picture is blown up to the largest size, if anyone knows otherwise please leave a comment.


Medaka 129 Script

Trying Pastebin, credits go to /a/non scanlations where I saw it used.

I actually did this last night but I don't have the time (or the consistent upstream it seems) to post it at the moment, please feel free to dump in the usual place if you'd like to see it get pushed. If this doesn't happen I'll do it later. Either way, the script could stand to be read by a few people prior to all the front-end work because I don't know enough about card games.

The raw can be found here.


Some scripts

I figured I'd throw these up, in case anyone was interested. The archives retain images now, a nice addition.

WCW 12

Zerozaki 01 (Currently being typeset @ anynameplease.blogspot.com)
Zerozaki 02
Zerozaki 03

If you are interested in typesetting any of these, I can send you a script which more than likely has additional edits to those you see in those archives, let me know in the comments or via e-mail.

Thanks to whoever linked Zerozaki 04, I haven't gotten around to it yet but it's on my list of things to do- after the Zerozaki v1 Glossary and Medaka 129.